Solar Water Pumps and Sprinklers
Solar water pumps allow home and business owners to conserve
more water, keep any water source well oxygenated without
relying on an electrical outlet, while saving money and
benefiting the ecosystem. Ideal for fountains, bird baths,
ponds, pools, landscaping, watering garden plants, or other
garden features.

Whether you're an organic vegetable gardener or a parent
looking out for the health of children and pets that play in your
yard, motion activated sprinklers presents an innovative,
humane way to keep dogs or cats from using your garden
as a litterbox or prevent raccoons and birds disturbing your
fishpond, while avoiding the use of chemicals, traps or
hazardous electric fences. The sprinkler combines a surprise
spray of water with unexpected motion and noise to create a
safe, effective deterrent to unwanted visitors, helping keep your
garden looking its best. It's also a great choice for neighborhoods
where fences are prohibited and for people who consider fences
and other visual barriers unappealing.
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