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PV Solar Software
The Solar Pathfinder and Assistant PV Software provides
mathematical precision for accurate shading assessment
(solar site analysis) by eliminating errors in structure
orientation, solar system sizing, and PV or solar collector
placement. The Assistant PV software dovetails local
weather data (using NREL/WMO) and site-specific shade
analysis in a customizable report. Originally furnished for the
ecological and photovoltaic applications, the software services
the growing thermal technologies.

The software identifies the shading patterns and total potential
energy produced at any given site. The Assistant PV software
is a fast, accurate and proven way to create a data-rich report
for solar. This program will allow installers to minimize the
time involved in designing a system and maximize the output
production of each system. You can design the shape of the
roof, select the inverters and panels and arrange the
orientation of the panels all on one page.

At the job site, instead of walking around on the roof to
determine the best location for the panels to be placed, take
photos at every corner of the roof and load the photos into
the software. It will display a heat map providing you with the
shading percentages for each location on the roof, so you
can determine which location would provide the maximum
output for the array.

PV Studio allows you to copy your original design and make
changes such as the tilt angle, panel orientation, or the location
and number of panels. The Energy Production box will show
the projected output per month and annual production totals
for both the original and modified design.
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