An inspection of the roof should be made prior to installing
solar for your home or business. Get two to three estimates,
making sure the contractors are licensed, insured, bonded
and their worker's comp coverage is current. Check they have
a good reputation for quality work by asking for and following
up on references. Don't base your decision
solely on price.

There are many different types of roofs - asphalt, metal, slate,
composition and tile are a few.

Tile roofs. The tiles are removed and the racking system put
in place. The tiles are then reinstalled and the solar panels are
mounted on the racking system.

Having the right tools for any job makes life much easier and
safer for professional roofers or DIY for the home, shop,
apartment or condo. Choose from a selection of tools for
roofers who require a wide variety of tools for simple to
more complex jobs from bits sets for drilling into metal,
wood and concrete, flashlight and more.
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